EP 1

by Haarlem

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jasongibby A group of talented musicians with an excellent ear for tone. Favorite track: Departs.
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released March 3, 2017

Haarlem is Mason Porter, TJ Nokleby and Asher Seevinck

Produced and engineered by Mason Porter and Haarlem
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Wilton at Coalesce Audio

Additional engineering by Scott Wiley at June Audio

Artwork by Asher Seevinck



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Haarlem Provo, Utah

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Track Name: Departs
Time takes off the edge
Rounds the corners
Dims the glow

Now, before the weight
decides to move
It's all you know

All hearts break into song
Our voices on the run
Our love carries you home

Hear the strain of orchestra
The endless chorus
Breathless vowels

Frame the hour in bloom
Hear it echo
Then until now
Track Name: Great Sun
Oh, Great Sun
You gently rise
Draw me out into the day
Oh, great love
I fall apart
You mend me like torn clothes

Oh, Great Sun
You burn eyes
I have to turn my head away
Oh, great love
You break my heart
and crush me like a young rose
You speak so clearly
But I don't understand
I try to hold you
Just ashes in my hands

Oh, you put a price on my head
Put a mark on my feet
There's no escaping you

But who am I kidding
I want to be with you

Oh, Great Sun
when evening dies
and shadows cover me in gray
Oh, great love
would you stay close
and keep me until the day?
Track Name: Cochemare
I spent the night
turning under white sheets
A restless ghost
frightened by the sights I'd seen

You could be my savior
You could rescue me
Hold me through the night now
No more bad dreams

I spent a life
walking along quiet streets
A restless soul
longing for your heartbeat

No more bad dreams
Track Name: Okatum
Everything was easier
when we knew nothing at all
We didn't speak
and we didn't

The clouds rolled in
along with the rain
But we couldn't drink
the fall

You're much prettier now
Now you're gold
Solid gold
You're so much closer now
Now you're gold
Solid gold

Everything is clearer now
we've memorized every last line
I look at you
and you look through me

The smoke, it came
and blinded our eyes
But we couldn't see
the flames
Track Name: Inconnue
Underneath the bridge
you found me floating
without a breath in my lungs
and no color in my skin

Not even thirty punches
and two kisses on the mouth...

Tell me the story
of how we saved their lives
of how you loved my face
Could you tell me about love?

You didn't know my name
You'd never seen me before
But now a picture of my face
is hanging on your wall

Not even thirty punches
or two kisses on the mouth
could have started my heart
could coax a whisper out

Tell me the story
of how we saved their lives
of how you loved my face
Could you tell me about love?
You said, "My, you look lovely
I would've given my whole life
for just a day with you."
You said it could have been love